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Serf Productions is a digital entertainment company committed to the idea of producing Open Source gaming products. Right now, we’re working on a “digital tools platform” for the Savage Worlds pen and paper role-playing game, Savage Outfitter.

Savage Outfitter is our first foray into the gaming industry. Before this, most of us have been working in the public sector, developing a wide range of applications for a variety of customers. With our experience in developing software, we are going to create a diverse collection of tools to aid gamers both at and away from the table.

As a Digital Tools Platform, Savage Outfitter won’t just be one product; but multiple products designed to work together seamlessly. The website will provide access to anyone with a modern web browser. Native Android™ and iOS™ clients will provide users of those platforms with a convenient means to access all of their information at the table. The website and the mobile clients will all be cloud-enabled; empowering users to create characters at a desktop computer and use their smartphone or tablet at the gaming table.

Here's a more detailed look at Savage Outfitter.